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Places to stay in San Francisco

San Francisco Hotels
San Francisco has a large amount of hotels, and they are busy year round. When people visit San Francisco, the questions I am often asked it, "What is a good hotel in San Francisco?" "Where are places to stay in San Francisco?" and my favorite, "Do you know of any cheap hotels in San Francisco?"

San Francisco is to visitors what a restaurant is to a romantic night out. There are a number of hotels situated downtown San Francisco convenient to the shopping district of Union Square, as well as taxi stands and all modes of public transportation. The St. Francis Hotel on Powell Street is one of our favorites. It is one of the oldest structures downtown, and survived the 1906 earthquake. It features a top rated restaurant as well as luxurious rooms. You will feel like royalty staying here. A perfect place for you and your spouse to be pampered. And don't forget to get a massage in San Francisco. Staying in Union Square means that likely your hotel has an inhouse masseues or masseur. If not, you are a five minute cab ride to the Kabuki Hot Springs on Geary Avenue in Japan Town, where you and your spouse can receive a relaxing massage.

Other hot spots in San Francisco are the Mark Hopkins and The Fairmont Hotel. These hotels are part of an old tradition. The Mark Hopkins was featured in a Hitchcock movie and is home to the world famous Top of the Mark Lounge with views of the city. Do visit their website and check out if it's something you had in mind.

The Fairmont Hotel is across the street and features fabulous views of the San Francisco Bay, day or night. It really is one of the better views, so be sure to get a room that's high up and faces the bay. Bug the hotel staff until you get it. It's one of the most romantic things to wake up in the morning (or afternoon, heh) and see that beautiful San Francisco Bay sparkling under a beautiful sun, with all the sailboats bobbing on the blue expanse. Be sure to visit the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel website and check out their Bed & Breakfast package, perfect for a weekend away.

Other grand hotels are the Ritz-Carlton, which is well situated a few blocks off of Union Square. Not as close to any action, but it is in a somewhat residential area, so you're assured of a lot of quiet and no crowds on the sidewalk.

Taxis are easy to find and are reasonably priced, making them the preferred mode of transportation. Many places, however, are great to walk to from the Union Square area of San Francisco, like Chinatown or North Beach. Both places are wonderful for browsing as well as eating. We will cover places to eat in Chinatown and North Beach in a later article.

Have a romantic time together! Be nice!

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