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Cheap Romantic Getaway

You do not have to be a big spender to enjoy a romantic weekend; there are many ways to find cheap romantic getaways that will have you on the road to a wonderful relationship in no time.

When you think of cheap romantic getaways you may believe that you will be giving up luxury and style, but that is in fact a myth. You can find many bed and breakfast in smaller towns that offer some wonderful amenities and cozy rooms that are more beautiful and special than you could ever imagine. These smaller country town bed and breakfast are away from the hustle and bustle of city life and offer a secluded quiet time for the couple that desire some time alone.

Another way to ensure cheap romantic getaways is to look for cabin rentals. Many of these cabins can be rented for a weekend or even an entire month. You can bring everything you need to enjoy your retreat, like food and dishes. This will save you a bundle of money. Instead of eating out and spending that special time with stranger in a restaurant, you can be eating in the privacy of your own cabin with just that special someone. Many bed and breakfast’s have Jacuzzi’s, hot tubs, private baths, private balconies or patios. Each one of these items can help make your retreat a very special one.

Kitchenettes can be found in almost any location and are a wonderful way to enjoy cheap romantic getaways. They difference between a kitchenette and a bed and breakfast is that you may not have that homey pampered atmosphere that you can receive at a bed and breakfast.

Find a state park that allows camping in tents. This is one very romantic and secluded way to get cheap romantic getaways. Bring everything you need from hot dogs and marshmallows that you can cook over an open fire and have a tent just large enough for both of you to be comfy and cozy. Enjoy an evening under the stars in one another’s arms. Now this is romantic.

If you prefer a fancy, more upscale locale to stay then you can still find an affordable romantic getaway also. Find out when the peak season is for the majority of visitors and schedule your getaway under off peak season. Early spring is usually a good time. This way you will be able to find many specials and get the same luxury at a much more reasonable price.

Also, going during the week instead of on the weekend can help with finding cheap romantic getaways. During the week, traffic is usually less and even walking along the beach or hiking through the mountains can be very romantic. You will enjoy visiting many wonderful places during off peak season and you will ensure that the sites you wish to see will not be crowded.

Cheap romantic getaways can be very special, find a location where you can walk along the beach, hike, or stroll on a river walk. All of these are wonderful when walking hand in hand with the one you love and it will not cost a cent.

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